Is there a warrant for my arrest?

To determine if you have an active warrant in Travis County, you can check the warrant databases maintained by the following agencies:

  • Austin Police Department (APD) – A warrant for an incident investigated by APD or for failure to appear on a traffic ticket or other class C offense would probably be in this APD database.
  • Travis County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) – A warrant related to a bond forfeiture or a jailable offense (class A or B misdemeanor or any level of felony) might be found at TCSO.

If you are looking for a warrant base on a traffic ticket, examine the ticket closely (front and back) to identify which court it was filed in.  If it was the Austin Municipal Court you can reach them at (512) 974-4800.  If the ticket was assigned to one of the five different Travis County JP Courts you can visit their website to get the contact information for the specific court here:

If you are looking for a Child Support warrant you can try calling the Constable’s office for Travis County Precinct Five at (512) 854-9582.

Pflugerville warrants usually end up at TCSO but sometimes it takes a while. You can track down a missing warrant by calling Pflugerville Municipal Court Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., at (512) 251-4191 or the Pflugerville Police Department dispatch at (512) 251-4004, option 0.

What about other cities or counties in Texas?

As of this writing (5/25/13), there are no comprehensive state-wide warrant search tools available to the public. Some cities and counties have online warrant search tools and some don’t. Here is a list of county websites that may help if you are concerned about a specific jurisdiction.

If you are concerned about potential problems renewing your drivers license due to an unresolved issue, you can also try searching the Texas DPS failure to appear site with your date of birth and driver license number. The results returned by this search are not necessarily warrants and they do not include every jurisdiction that could issue a warrant but it is free and easy to use.

If you worried about a warrant but uncertain what city or county may have issued it, you might find the answer by requesting your official DPS criminal history report. Pre-employment background checks are also available from private information brokers that gather public records around the country and sell them for background checks. These are also not comprehensive but may provide helpful clues if your inquiry relates to an incident that occurred a long time ago.

What should I do if a warrant is issued for my arrest?