What should I do if a warrant is issued for my arrest?

Hiring a criminal defense attorney immediately may drastically reduce the possibility of an embarrassing or untimely arrest.

It is often possible for an attorney to schedule a “walk through” procedure by making advance plans for a jail release bond and then to surrendering at Central Booking with your attorney or bondsman to clear the warrant and post bond without spending any time in jail. The walk though procedure is considerably more efficient than being arrested and definitely more pleasant than spending the night in jail. It also gives you an opportunity to schedule time away from work and to make any necessary child-care arrangements.

Booking Photos showing the difference between a Walk Through and a Random Arrest.

Travis County judges and prosecutors are generally unwilling to discuss the validity of a criminal accusation until the warrant is cleared by arrest or walk through.

Finally, you should be aware that fleeing from the police or taking other steps to avoid or obstruct the execution of a warrant may cause additional charges to be filed against you.

Has a warrant been issued for my arrest?