How to Verify an Attorney’s Success Record

The Travis County Clerk’s website has a search feature that makes it possible to evaluate an attorney’s success handling class A and B misdemeanors. The most common level of assault charge filed in Travis County is a class A misdemeanor, so this is a good way to determine if an attorney really focuses on assault cases and how often an attorney’s cases are dismissed outright, dismissed with deferred prosecution, or result in a conviction. Unfortunately, the Travis County District Clerk does not publish this type of information for felony cases.

    1. Browse to

search results

    1. Change the Search Type from Defendant’s Name to Defendant’s Attorney by clicking the selection button. See red arrow above.
    2. Enter last name Pace and offense date from 1/1/2011. We stopped accepting court-appointed cases in the spring of 2010 so the beginning of 2011 is a good starting place to see our results for privately retained clients.
    3. Click the blue Submit Search button then, when the page reloads, scroll down to view the search results table.

status of previous cases

  1. The case results are in the second-to-last column. Explanations for the status codes are listed below.


ACTIVE cases are still pending

BOND FORFEITURE means that the defendant failed to comply with bond conditions and now has an arrest warrant.

CAPIAS ISSUED means that the defendant has a new arrest warrant.

CASE 12:45’D means the defendant entered a guilty plea in a different case and asked the judge to sentence him for this case together with that other case.

CASE REDUCED signifies a dismissal in exchange for a guilty plea on a lower level offense.

COMP PROBATION means conviction and completion of regular probation.

DEFERRED ADJUD means deferred adjudication.  You should not agree to this result in Family Violence case unless the state really has the evidence to convict you at trial.

DEF PROSECUTION means the case was dismissed by agreement.  The most common agreement for Family Violence cases includes an agreement to attend counseling.

DISMISSED cases are completely dismissed with no strings attached.

FINAL DISP means a guilty plea.  This is a bad idea unless the prosecution both has the evidence and is making an offer that is better than you would get from a jury.

NOT GUILTY means the defendant was acquitted at trial.

ORD SUPP GRNTED means that the attorney got all the evidence suppressed.  These cases turn into dismissals unless the prosecution wins an appeal.

PROBATION means a guilty or “no contest” with a community supervision.

PROB WARRANT means the defendant has a warrant for violating the terms of probation.

PROB FORFEITURE same as above.

PROB UNSATISF means a probation was revoked.

PROSECUTION REJ means that law enforcement filed a charges but the prosecution rejected them.  This may mean that a misdemeanor was sent to District Court and charged as a felony because a prior conviction was discovered for the defendant.

TRANSFER means the case was moved to a different court.


How to Verify an Attorney’s Primary Focus