How to Verify an Attorney’s Primary Focus

The Travis County criminal courts publish a docket that can be used to verify the types of cases an attorney is currently handling. Follow the steps below to verify that The Pace Law Firm has a strong focus on defending people charged with assault:

  1. Search online for “Travis County Criminal Docket Search” or navigate your web browser to:
  2. Select Attorney Name from the Search By list.
  3. Type “Pace” in the Last Name field.
  4. Click the green Search button to display a list of the cases on our docket.
  5. Examine the last column in the results list and notice that our docket is full of assault cases and the companion cases that are sometimes filed together with an assault.

You should repeat the steps above for any other attorney you are considering hiring for your assault case. The docket search results page should look something like this:
types of cases