How do I get someone out of jail?

Travis County has a personal bond system that allows many people to be released without hiring a bail bondsman or depositing a large sum of money with the county. An attorney can help get someone out of jail by expediting the personal bond process. An attorney can also ask the judge to reconsider personal bond if it was initially denied. You may be able to determine if someone has already qualified for personal bond by calling Travis County Pretrial Services.

Qualifying for personal bond depends on several factors such as the nature of the alleged offense, prior criminal history, references, employment, and having a stable local address. Hiring a lawyer can also help a person qualify for personal bond because it demonstrates that the accused is taking the accusation seriously and is therefore likely to attend all required court appearances.

If personal bond isn’t an option, other options include posting a cash bond, cash deposit bond, or hiring a bail bonding company to post a surety bond. The bonding company charges a non-refundable fee for this service, which is often around 10% or 15% of the bond.

I can help you obtain personal bond or determine if it’s necessary to hire a bail bondsman. This service is included when I’m hired to defend someone against criminal charges.

Answers to frequently asked questions about jail release bonds in Austin.