FAQ: What is an Information in a misdemeanor case?

What is an information in a misdemeanor case?

In Texas criminal law, an “information” is a statement filed in a misdemeanor case by a prosecuting attorney. It alleges that a person committed a crime.

An information must be based on a criminal complaint and, like an indictment, it must contain the allegations that must be proven for the defendant to be convicted of the offense. Most jailable misdemeanors, i.e., Class A and B misdemeanors, which are punishable by time in the county jail, are formally charged via an information.  Class C misdemeanors, which are punishable by fine only, may also be charged by indictment or information but are most commonly charged by citation.

Although an information document may be filed by a district attorney, in Austin most jailable misdemeanors are filed and prosecuted by the Travis County Attorney. In most cases the complaint and information are filed at the same time, by the same prosecutor, and contain almost exactly the same language.


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