Do you offer free consultations?

We believe that we are the best at the types of case we handle and that our legal team’s time is too valuable to offer free attorney consultations. Meeting with one of our attorneys requires payment of a non-refundable deposit for the attorney’s time. If we are hired to handle the case, the deposit is applied to our attorney fee.

What fee do you charge?

For most cases, we charge a minimum or base fee, followed by supplemental fees on an hourly basis in the event that services are necessary beyond what the base fee covers. The amount of the base fee depends on the level of the offense and the services required. Generally speaking, higher level offenses are more complex than lower level offenses and petitions are less complex than either.

To obtain a quote and confirm that we are available to take your case, please call (512) 480-9020 or email

Payment Terms

We accept online payments by credit or debit card, eCheck, and LawCredit through PayPal. In addition, we offer installment plans in some cases, depending on the type and age of the case. Installment plans require autopay, which can be set up on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or twice monthly schedule. We do not accept paper checks.

Pending Criminal Cases

The most significant factor that affects our fee for representation in pending criminal cases is usually the level of the offense. For a variety of reasons, the time that an attorney must spend to provide excellent representation tends to increase dramatically as the level of the offense rises. As a result, the fee goes up significantly as well.

Multiple Charges in the Same Court

Law enforcement sometimes files multiple charges in response to a single incident. For example, a charge like “Assault With Bodily Injury” may have a companion case like “Interfering With an Emergency Call.” In these situations we may offer a substantial discount on the secondary case, especially if both cases are assigned to the same court.

Fees for Class C Misdemeanors

For some situations involving a Class C misdemeanor, like a simple traffic ticket, it might not make sense to hire us because our fee will be significantly more than simply paying the fine.

For our Class C clients, it’s not about the money but about something more important to them, such as their reputations, their sense of justice, keeping their criminal history clean, or avoiding the collateral consequences of a conviction for an offense like Assault by Contact with Family Violence.

Fees for Petitions: Expunction, Non-Disclosure, etc.

For petitions, we offer a flat fee that covers all of the work that needs to be done in most cases. In rare cases, hourly billing may be necessary for additional work if the case is more complicated for some reason, such as an issue that requires legal research or a contested hearing, or if there is some other uncommon, complicating factor.

Miscellaneous Expenses

The attorney fee does not usually cover out-of-pocket expenses such as filing fees, private investigators, process servers, forensic testing, or expert witnesses. Our policy is to consult with our clients before incurring such fees on their behalf whenever possible.