Where do I go for my court appearance in Travis County?

cjc-monumentIn Travis County, most criminal cases involving an arrest for alleged violations of state law are handled in the Blackwell/Thurman Criminal Justice Center (CJC), which is located in the Justice Complex at 509 West 11th Street, Austin, Texas.

travis_county_courthouseCourt appearances for criminal cases are NOT in the Travis County Courthouse at 1000 Guadalupe Street, but rather in the taller building directly behind it.  If you were arrested you might recognize it as the same physical structure as Central Booking.

This page only has information about criminal courts. This page does not have information regarding civil, administrative, or other courts.

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Travis County Criminal Justice Center (CJC)

cjcThe official Travis County web page describing the court’s location doesn’t really convey how the entrance is set back, away from the street, in the middle of the block. The CJC is the plain office building directly behind the civil courthouse.

Before your first visit to the CJC you should take a moment to examine these Google Street View images looking south from the corner of 11th and San Antonio toward the main entrance and also north from the corner of 10th and San Antonio. As shown by the Street View images linked above, San Antonio street does not go through this block.

Felony Courts:


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Other Local Criminal Courts:federal_courthouse

Call (512) 480-9020 to hire us for an Assault or related offense in Travis County.

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