What does Continuous Violence Against The Family mean?

What does Continuous Violence Against The Family mean?

In 2009 Texas law was modified to allow multiple Class A misdemeanor family violence assaults to be prosecuted as a single third degree felony offense when the assaults happen within a period of 12 months or less.

Before this change, a previous misdemeanor conviction for family violence could cause subsequent cases to be filed as felonies but, since it often takes a year or more for a final conviction, multiple offense in quick succession were not always subject to felony enhancement.

Travis County uses ASSAULT BI FAM/HOUSE MEM 2+ W/IN 12 MONTHS as the docket code for the crime of Continuous Violence Against The Family. The elements of this offense are listed in Texas Penal Code Sec. 25.11

Please see my Assault Family Violence FAQ page for more information.


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