What exactly does the following code mean:


This is the code displayed on the Travis County criminal courts docket for a felony domestic assault case involving a choking or smothering allegation.

When a person is in custody for this offense, the Travis County Sheriff’s jail inmate list usually displays the same offense description code, but sometimes it displays the code normally used for a misdemeanor Family Violence assault case.  The cause number reveals whether or not the case was filed as a misdemeanor.  Felony cause numbers start with “D1DC” and misdemeanor cause numbers start with “C1CR.”chokingBe sure to read our page on assault involving strangulation or suffocation if you or someone you care about has been accused of this crime.

I am a Criminal Defense Attorney in Austin, Texas

I defend people accused of both misdemeanor and felony domestic in Travis County. I have a proven history of success in these cases. If you are charged with assault it’s especially important to have an excellent criminal defense attorney working to protect your rights and tell your side of the story from the very beginning.

The earlier I start working on a case, the more procedural opportunities I’m likely to have to investigate witness claims and get the case thrown out (sometimes before you ever have to appear in court), thereby avoiding a tremendous amount of stress and embarrassment without sacrificing your criminal history.

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