What is the minimum punishment for Assault?

minimum punishmentThe minimum punishment for assault, or any other crime, is NOTHING. If the case is dismissed outright or the defendant is found Not Guilty at trial then there will be no jail, no fine, and no probation.

That doesn’t mean it will be cheap or easy. For most people, simply being arrested and taken to jail is a very unpleasant experience. Upon release there are often bond conditions which certainly feel like punishment. Then there is the expense of hiring a criminal defense attorney, and good ones don’t come cheap.

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We Understand the Importance of Your Case

fightThese days, simply having a new ARREST for assault on your criminal history is enough to get you fired in some industries. Corporate H.R. departments say they “can’t take chances with safety issues” and people tend to forget that you are presumed innocent as a matter of law.

Even if the criminal case against you is dismissed, the arrest can continue to haunt you. The waiting period to expunge the records is two years on a misdemeanor and three years on most felonies so this delay often seems like its own punishment. The fact that the accused person also bears the expense of filing the expunction lawsuit for a dismissed case seems especially punitive, even if it is not technically “punishment” under the law.

Almost everything above is also true for defendant that are acquitted at trial. Technically, there is no punishment but the jury’s “not guilty” verdict can never repay the attorney fees, bond conditions, time lost attending required court appearances, or the fear and anxiety of trial. One silver lining in an acquittal case is that there is no waiting period or filing fee for the expunction. That said, it takes so long for a case to actually reach trial that the arrest will have been on the defendant’s criminal history for months or years anyway.

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