Cases I WILL NOT Take

Types of Cases We WILL NOT Take

We do not take cases anywhere except Travis County, Texas. We will not accept divorce cases, capital murder cases, court-appointed cases, or any case where the alleged victim is a young child.

We represent people accused of violence, not the alleged victim. We are focused on providing the best possible defense in cases involving accusations of domestic assault so we no longer take DWI cases, White Collar Crime, Federal Cases, or any other case that is not somehow related to an allegation of domestic assault or dating violence. We do not accept court-appointed cases because we don’t expect our clients to subsidize others.

What Types Of Cases Do You Accept?

We only represent people charged with domestic assault and related offenses in Travis County, Texas. For example, we represent people in Protective Order Hearings that are based on accusations of family or dating violence.

We only take cases other than assault when law enforcement charges someone with  multiple crimes based on a single incident that involves assault. For example, an additional charge of Interference With An Emergency Call is frequently filed as a companion case along with a charge like Assault Causing Bodily Injury – Family Violence.  A closely related exception occurs when a person is facing a Motion to Revoke Probation on an old case because of a new accusation of family violence or dating violence.

What About Petitions for Expunction and Nondisclosure?

Petitions are technically civil matters but we handle expunction because our clients are the types of people that care about their criminal records and our goal in every assault case is to achieve an expunction-eligible result.

For more information about my fees, see this FAQ: What do you Charge?


Answers to other Frequently Asked Questions

We defend people accused of domestic assault in Austin, Texas.
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